Backpacker Travel insurance


If you’re going on holiday more than once, multi-trip might be cheaper. But if Australia’s your only trip abroad this year, a single-trip policy will cost you less.


Backpacker cover

If you’re visiting Australia as part of a backpacking adventure, compare specialist backpackers’ travel insurance. Backpacker cover varies enormously, so make sure you choose a policy that’s suitable for all parts of your trip.

Backpacker cover includes everything you would expect to find in a standard travel policy, plus cover for some activities commonly associated with backpacking.

Don’t assume your policy will cover adventure sports – not all do, so you need to check in your policy wording that any activities you plan on are covered.

Backpacker travel insurance – sometimes called long-stay, extended trip or gap-year insurance – covers you for a continuous trip lasting between two and 18 months.

It’s useful for those travelling to multiple countries or if you’re going away for a long time.

You can buy backpacker insurance for individuals, couples, families and groups.

What backpacker insurance should cover

Your backpacker policy should cover:

  1. Medical treatment and repatriation
  2. Holiday disruptions, delays and cancellations
  3. Legal fees
  4. Your luggage and personal possessions
  5. Your money and travel documents
  6. A couple of visits back home
  7. A wider range of activities than standard
  8. Some work or volunteering

Does my destination affect the cost of backpacker travel insurance?

Yes. For example, the US has higher medical fees than most places in Europe.

Insurers cater for this by selling policies suitable for different parts of the globe – so the cost of worldwide travel insurance that includes America would be higher than for European-only cover.

What else affects the cost?


You must declare pre-existing medical conditions to your insurer. This will increase the cost of your cover as there’s a higher risk you’ll need treatment abroad.


If you need to take any valuable possessions with you, like a camera or laptop, your travel insurance will cost a little more, as it takes into account the added cost of replacing your expensive item(s) if they’re damaged, lost or stolen.


As you get older, the cost of your travel insurance will rise, as you’re more likely to have medical conditions or need treatment while you’re away.


Your travel insurance will cost more if you need a policy with lots of adventurous sports, watersports or winter sports included. If you’re going to be doing something especially risky that isn’t included as standard, you might be able to add it on for an extra fee.

Length of travel

The longer you’re away, the higher the possibility of you needing to make a claim, so you’ll have to pay more for backpacker insurance than you might for single trip insurance for a week’s break, for example.


Cover types

Depending on the plan you choose, we will assign one of the following cover types to your plan so you can easily identify which benefit limits apply to you. The following are summaries only


Covers you and your dependants named on the Certificate of Insurance who are aged under 25 years, not employed full-time and will be with you for 100% of your journey.


Covers you and your travelling companion named on the Certificate of Insurance who is not a dependant and will be with you for at least 75% of your journey.

👨‍👩‍👦 FAMILY

Covers you, your spouse or partner, and your dependants named on the Certificate of Insurance who are aged under 25 years, not employed full-time and will be with you for 100% of your journey.


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