Adventurous Travel insurance


If you’re going on holiday more than once, multi-trip might be cheaper. But if Australia’s your only trip abroad this year, a single-trip policy will cost you less.


Adventurous activities

If you’re planning to do a bungee jump or ride a few waves while in Australia, these kinds of activities might not be covered under a standard travel insurance policy, so you’ll need extra extreme sports cover.

Always check what sporting activities are covered on your policy. You might not regard surfing or diving as particularly ‘extreme’, but each insurer will have its own list of activities it covers as standard and some will need you to take out extended cover for water sports.

If you’ll be doing something more adventurous than relaxing by the pool during your trip – jet skiing or bungee jumping, for example – you’ll need to make sure you get travel insurance that covers you for adventurous sports.

The sports cover available on policies varies. Some insurers cover certain sports as standard and allow you to add others for an extra fee, whereas some sports might not be covered at all.

What sports are covered?

Which sports are excluded?

Generally, the riskier the sport the less likely an insurer will cover it. But how risky an insurer believes each activity to be varies.

Some might cover snowboarding, but exclude something mundane, like cycling or rollerblading. Even gentle activities like golf could be excluded from your cover.

A few travel insurance policies have an age cap on certain sports, so while you’re eligible for the standard travel insurance cover, you won’t be covered for adventurous activities if you’re over a certain age.

There might also be specific distinctions based on the nature of the activity. For example, you might be covered for cycling for leisure, but you might not be covered if you’re on a dedicated cycle tour or you’re competing in bike races.

Most insurance policies will state that any claims you make won’t be accepted if:

You aren’t wearing the appropriate safety gear for your chosen sport
You were behaving recklessly
Your judgement was impaired by alcohol or drugs


Optional cover

For an additional premium, you may be eligible to add one or more of the following optional covers to Comprehensive, Multi-Trip and Domestic plans. These are summaries only.

Snow Pack

Going to the snow? You may be eligible to add a Snow Pack to be covered for snow sport activities including amateur skiing, snowboarding, sledding, tobogganing, or tubing. A Snow Pack covers overseas snow sport emergency assistance, loss or damage to equipment, and more.

Adventure Pack

Doing adventure activities? You may be eligible to add an Adventure Pack to your plan to be covered for a wide range of adventure activities including riding motorcycles, mopeds and scooters, quad biking, zip lining, river tubing, animal handling, and much more.

Cruise Pack

Going sea or ocean cruising? Add a Cruise Pack to be covered for medical costs on board, ship to shore evacuation, pre-paid shore excursion cancellation, cabin confinement and more.


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