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What is single trip travel insurance?

What will a travel insurance policy usually cover?

A typical travel insurance policy, including single trip cover, should protect you against:
  • Medical expenses – cover if you have an accident or are taken ill while you’re away. It can also help to pay for an air ambulance and  if needed.
  • Cancellation and curtailment – you won’t be out of pocket if you have to cancel or cut short your trip for any of the reasons specified in your policy.
  • Flight cancellations – you may be able to claim on your travel insurance if your flight is cancelled or delayed for more than 24 hours, or you’re not rebooked on a new flight within 24 hours – check the policy for details.
  • Stolen, lost or damaged luggage – it’s not unheard of for airlines to lose or damage your luggage, but travel insurance could pay you compensation. Get tips on keeping your belongings safe while travelling.
  • Lost or stolen valuables and personal money – although you can typically claim for lost or stolen cash and traveller’s cheques, there may be an upper limit. Likewise, most travel insurance policies will limit what you can claim for single items and all valuable items. You may want to add extra
  • Personal liability – if you accidentally injure someone or damage their property during your trip and they make a claim against you, personal liability cover can help pay your legal expenses and any compensation.
  • Coronavirus cover – many travel policies offer cover if you can’t travel because of coronavirus or you have to extend your stay because you’re isolating. When you get a travel insurance quote with us, it’s easy to compare levels of COVID-19 cover. Just use the ‘more details’ option on the quote results page.
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