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MEDICAL Travel insurance

Should I consider specialist cruise travel insurance?

What’s covered with cruise holiday insurance?

Policies vary from provider to provider, but most include:
  • Cruise cancellation or curtailment. Useful if your trip is cancelled or cut short because of unforeseen circumstances, for example the death of a close relative or redundancy.
  • Missed departure. If your car breaks down, your train gets cancelled or strikes or industrial action mean you can’t make your departure, insurance can make sure you’re covered financially.
  • Cruise interruption. If you fall ill and need medical treatment on dry land, you can claim for the travel expenses incurred to reach the next port in order to re-join the cruise.
  • Cabin confinement. To stop everyone on board getting sick, you may need to stay in your cabin if you become ill. Cover means you can claim a payment if you’re confined to your cabin by the ship’s medical officer due to illness.
  • Unused excursions protection. This should pay out if you miss an excursion because of an accident, injury or illness. It might apply only to excursions you choose at the point of booking your cruise, not any booked since being on board.
  • Missed port cover. Protects you if a planned destination visit is cancelled because of bad weather or timetabling. In other words, if you miss out on an island or city that you were looking forward to visiting, you’ll get some money back.
  • Personal baggage. Cover if your baggage or its contents are lost or stolen. You may be away for a while on a cruise and need to bring more luggage including expensive evening wear – so check the personal baggage limits are sufficient.
  • Emergency medical treatment costs. Make sure this includes emergency helicopter transfers, hospital and ambulance fees, and cover to get home if you can’t use your original ticket.
  • Cover for the cost of a friend or relative staying with you while you’re treated or flying out from home to support you if needed.
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